Marketing & Public Relations Resources For Startups

Vyteo hosts over 500 startups features dating back to 2009. It’s always exhilarating when one goes on to greater and greater successes. Similarly, I feel a sense of loss when a site that I loved shutters its doors. As a result I’ve prepared resources for the DIY startup to wade through the noise in tackling the essential marketing and public relations initiatives they need to succeed.

Marketing Is Everything

Years ago at a college curriculum fair I was given branded post-it notes from a professor promoting a new technical marketing program. I didn’t take the program, but kept the post-its with me for a long time, though I was slightly flummoxed by them. They said, simply, “Marketing is Everything.” That meant nothing to me as a graduate in engineering who was going back to school for computer science at the time. I thought of marketing as the domain of those who preferred to party. Oh, the things I had to learn. I knew well how to market my social groups and entice people to whatever event that was going on. That was second nature in some ways. But to read on a post-it that marketing was everything really just blew my mind.

Years later I would come to appreciate and love the discipline of reaching your audience. In particular I love the challenge of finding the right story angle to guide a startup’s marketing efforts. Without marketing your startup is nothing. Marketing truly is everything. And it all starts with your story.

These resources are your CMO until you can hire one.

SEO and PPC Management Guides are coming soon.