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Articles Are the Best Advertisements. Are You Promoting Them?

Articles are highly lucrative advertising opportunities. If successful they return a continual stream of users while also increasing your own site’s rankings in search results.

Articles follow one of two paths- they either get an initial seed of views when first published, or a continual stream of views over time. The difference in traffic between trending articles and non-trending articles is enormous. VYTEO’s top posts get over 15,000 views, while many only reach a few hundred. This feast or famine disparity exists for every publication.

In order for your PR & Content Marketing campaigns to be successful, you want all your placements, mentions, and content to be ranked in search engine results so they will keep gaining traffic.

Here are 10 ways to promote your featured articles and increase your ROI over time.

The Simplest, Easiest, and Free Promotion Methods

  1. Cite, quote, and link back to it on your blog, press page, or any of your content marketing campaigns. Linking to your article is the #1 way to tell Google that an article should be highlighted in search results.
  2. Leave a comment on it. Comments are the best type of votes. Search engines rank articles with active comment threads higher.
  3. Share it on social media. Include relevant hashtags and tag the author or publication so they can like it as well.
  4. Pin it to the top of your social media channels. This is a great way to build likes, shares, and views while also establishing your credibility.
  5. Schedule it to be shared multiple times throughout the year on social media. Buffer or Hootsuite are great for sharing and scheduling.
  6. Include it in your newsletter.
  7. Add it to your email signature.
  8. Answer questions on Q&A forums such as Quora and include a link to it. We used to do this on Yahoo Answers and received a fair amount of traffic from it.
  9. Republish it altogether if the site allows it. At Vyteo we do allow featured sites to repost their articles. Just wait at least a week after the original is published and include a link back to the original when reposting. See this FAQ for more info.

Pay to Promote Your Placements Just like Any Other Ad

  1. Run paid advertising campaigns with your article on networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Outbrain or similar. This both gets the word out about your company and increases your article’s value as it acquires more likes, shares, comments, views, and links back to it.

Article Amplification Can Be a Thankless

The reality is increasing the rankings of your placements isn’t always a glorious task. It’s a slow returning investment and just another to-do on a busy startup team’s list. Dutifully leaving comments, links and shares feels like trying to fill a well with pebbles. When people get busy it falls by the wayside, ourselves included. With a little bit of promotion, the results can be invaluable in your overall outreach strategy.

What ways do you promote your hard earned placements? I’d love to hear your strategies in the comments.

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    Thanks for posting this – very useful! I had to glance over the free stuff first cause I just cannot help it :) You are absolutely right about the continual stream of promotion as the perfect tool to get the kind of visibility you want. It’s a very insightful article! Keep ’em coming!

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