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Become a VYTEO Partner

How would you like to make some money just by sharing an article on Vyteo? Vyteo’s Partner referral program lets you do just that. All you do is share our articles with a slight modification to the URL, and we’ll send you a referral bonus for any clients we receive from it.

To participate, take any link on VYTEO and add what’s known as a query string to the end of it. Include in it either the domain of your site or an email address you don’t mind making public.

Here’s a sample query string, which can be appended to any URL. Note that it starts with a question mark and ‘vp’ is lowercase.


Here’s a full working link.

When someone clicks that link and then contacts us through a form on our site, we’ll know they were referred by “”.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you for being a VYTEO Partner.

Summary Terms

  • We’ll give you 15% of the TCV of the first month’s contract for a new client.
  • This works by placing what’s known as a cookie on the client’s browser. It’s set to 12 weeks expiration in order to maximize the window of opportunity for a referral. If they contact us through any of our forms while the cookie is still set, we’ll see it came from you.
  • Payment is through PayPal. We’ll notify you 30 days after we receive payment, and you’ll send us an invoice for the referral fee. We aren’t responsible for PayPal transaction fees.
  • Feel free to use our logo. All the images on our site are royalty free and can be shared. Please base statements about our services from the content written on our site.
  • We retain all rights to our brand, trademarks, and intellectual property. Participants are not commissioned to enter into any agreements on behalf of VYTEO, or incur any expenses.
  • Your relationship with VYTEO is at all times an independent contractor whose valued duties are limited to referring clients.
  • IMPORTANT We accept no liability. By participating in this voluntary program you indemnify, defend and hold VYTEO harmless against any and all claims.
  • IMPORTANT If we’re unable to contact you within 30 days, or if you aren’t legally able to accept payment, then the referral fee will be donated to charity.